Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm moving to blogspot.  Here is the address to there...

I'll start my regular posting over there and hopefully will be able to move all my old entries there soon.  Thanks for reading me for however long you've been following me.  I hope you continue to read at my new piece of the internet.


nay0114 said...

Hi Emily,
I'm not sure how I found you probably through Carrie or someone anywho I will visit at your new home on the blogger.
BTW, that header pic is just precious. It reminds me of my kids. I have a son, daughter, daughter ages 23,21,18 and I miscarried a pregnancy in between one and two. So I know what its like to raise kids very close in age.
Take care, Chrissie
my blog is private, but I will send you an email invite to join

serenity459 said...

I am so disgusted with AOL.  I was afraid this would happen.
I started my journal when Nicholas was only 7 months old(he is 4 years old now)....UGH!!
Looks like I will be moving too.
I'm off to create a new blog.
BTW...I saved your new link so I can still read your blog. YAY!!
Love and Hugs,
Angel  =0)

elgeiselman said...

You were the first journal I ever read... And, yours is the only one left of the original group I used to read. It's sad, but I think you'll like blogger.
Heres to five good years of online expression!