Thursday, August 2, 2007

I do believe the picture says it all..

But for those who need a bit more detail...  We are pregnant.  We have known for about a week but today was my first appointment with the doctor.  We did the normal routine stuff and got some blood work done.  I'm having to take progesterone again since my body doesn't seem to make a lot of it.  For those who don't know.. progesterone is a hormone that tells the body to sustain the pregnancy.  Without that I would miscarry.. so.. we don't want that.  Anyway, this wasn't planned but it's still a very good thing.  If all goes well this little one will no doubt be our last.. as Kent is already looking up doctors to do the "V" deed.  ;0)  So.. in any case.. we are due April 2, 2008.


gaylejean said...

congratulations.. hope everything goes great for you.

norcalchic206 said...

awww! i've been reading your journal for awhile now, i just never left comments. congrats!! i hope this all goes well for you =]

july171995 said...