Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just wanted to write

This may all be mumbled to most but I just wanted to write.  Nothing particular, just had the drawing.

The kids have had fevers the past couple of days.  Ranging from 101 to 99.  Jon Kent got it first and then Zoey.  They both seem to be recovering from it today.  Whiney but recovering.  We took them to Wal-Mart to pick up some night lights (I'll explain later) and a few surprises for them for being so good lately.  Zoey got a little beanie Minnie Mouse doll, that she cried when we had to take it from her to pay for it.  She is currently sleeping with it as I type.  Jon Kent got another addition to his "Thomas and Friends" collection.  Arry and Bert I believe are their names.  After that we came home and rested and just hung out as a family.  All of us are pretty tired lately.

We got like 4 or 5 new nightlight to put around Jon Kent's room and in the hallway pointed into his room.  Last night I decided enough was enough and it was time for him to sleep in his bed and stay in his bed all night long.  I haven't been sleeping well with him in there which has meant miserable days.  So it took a lot to keep him from our bed but I managed.  But I did have to get up 4 or 5 times in the night and remind him that he couldn't sleep with Momma and Daddy any more.  He then told me he was "Scared".  I said of what.  He whispered, "The dark."  I felt bad for him but stood firm and told him that there was nothing to be afraid of.  He asked me, "Momma are you scared?"  I told him no, that I like sleeping in the dark.  But I couldn't help but remember the night light that my daddy HUNG for me above my head that was there until the day I got married.  And then one of the first purchases Kent and I made after we got back from our honeymoon was a nightlight to go in the hall, "So I could see my way to the bathroom."  But now I really do like sleeping in the dark.  Anyway, I told him I would turn on the bathroom light and he seemed to be fine with that.  He then told me he was scared of Pawpaw.  I asked him why and he didn't say anything.  I said did you have a dream about Pawpaw.  He said he did.  We think he knows what dreams are as he talks about things that happened while he slept.  Anyway, I said well that's good sweetie, that means you get to play with Pawpaw even when you are sleeping.  His Pawpaw is his best friend.  Pawpaw is also his great grandfather.  They do everything together and there is hardly a day that goes by that they don't see each other.  They have been buds since Jon Kent was a newborn.  So anyway, Jon Kent seemed to like the idea of playing with Pawpaw while he slept so he went right back to sleep and slept until it was time to get up.  So tonight he shouldn't be afraid of the dark because he has plenty, plenty of night lights and has Pawpaw to play with.  But maybe I should find an extension cord and hang a nightlight above his head.

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