Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Kent's first day back

Kent is currently at work.  Today was his first day back.  In all honesty, I was anxious about him going back.  Since the day Zoey was born, I knew I would have to eventually be alone again and figure out a routine and new way of life once he went back to work.  And yes I was extremely anxious about it all the way until today.  When Kent left for work, I wasn't anxious.  Yes, I had thoughts of "can I do this?" and "how am I going to get everything that needs to be done, done?".  But I wasn't worried.  Well...  I guess I should have been.  Everything was going fine until bath time.  Zoey didn't want to feed from the breast so I pumped into a bottle.  My momma and daddy were over helping and usually she will take a bottle from my momma...nope.  So I give her a bath.  She calms down a bit and take a little bit of the bottle from my momma.  Still is crying and acting fussy.  I get Jon Kent fed and in bed and then try and feed her again from the breast.  Only sucked a few times and then starts crying.  Finally I get her to sleep and now she is currently in her bouncy seat.  I guess I will take her out in a bit, change her, feed her, and try and get her into her cradle for the night...or 2-3 hours.  Kent comes home at midnight...  Oh how I've missed him already!!


candysue72 said...

It is going to be okay little girl.  She is just a little upset today.  That is the girl part of her.  She might have felt her Mommy was a little anxious.  It is going to be okay.  We all have those days.  You have two precious little babies.  You are so blessed.  Thank God for this day and go on.  He is in control!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you baby girl.

katashawoolard said...

Hi Emily,
I know that feeling of being overwhelmed all too well.  Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, they may have a "bad day" every now and then.  Can you do this? YES YOU CAN!!!!  There may be days when EVERYTHING doesn't get done, but cut yourself some slack, you are human being, not a machine. You can only do YOUR best, and that is enough.  Cherish every moment because they grow up soooooooo fast.  God bless you and your family.

K. Woolard

topazscorpio26 said...

It'll get easier.  Kids are funny.  They have a very distinct way of being and they know what they need.  Sometimes they just don't want it!  -Dawn-