Thursday, January 12, 2006

To clarify

Let me clarify about the gagging, throwing up, and grits...

It's not just when we feed him grits.  He throws up oatmeal, toddler cereal, muffins, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken, fries, etc.  You name it, he has thrown it up.  And he does like grits.  During one of his *good periods of eating, he would eat a whole bowl of it.  So it isn't that.  I believe it's a *real problem.  Like a medical one.  Thus the reason we have an appointment to see his pediatrician the 17th.

About the fever.  It's from a viral infection.  We had to take Jon Kent in this morning to get checked out as he was still running a 102 fever.  We were going to ask about the gagging today but 1) we didn't see Jon Kent's regular pediatrician.  She was at Disney World. And 2) we waited 1.5 hours before we even saw the doctor THEN had to get lab work to rule out strep and the flu.  Which he has neither.  So we just flat out forgot.  The doctor said it will pass in about 3-4 days.  To just push fluids and give him Motrin/Tylenol for the fever.  And no he viral infection isn't causing the throwing up.  He has been doing that for weeks now.

Well, I am going to go.  I have to get up early tomorrow to go to a OB/GYN appointment of my own.  It's my 6 week PP check up.  It's an hour drive and it's at 8:45am.  PLUS there is a wicked looking line of storms coming through and the weather man said that we could be under tornado watches/warnings all morning tomorrow.  Fun stuff to drive in...

Anyway, I'll update more on myself and the family when I get another chance!


candysue72 said...

ALL doctors use the viral thing when they have no clue.  I am glad it is not something serious.  Of course I know how much you worry about his well being but he will be a swwetie again before long.  He just loves his Mommy!!!!!!Wish he loved his Gramsie half as much.  Can't wait until tomorrow

july171995 said...

I hope he feels better soon!!  It must be extra stressful on you..not only with 2 young ones, but one sick as well.  Hopefully this will pass real soon.  I hope your PP appt tomorrow shows that you are all healed!


elgeiselman said...

Hope that bug is gone and you are finding a schedule that works for you.  I'm just worrying, myself, on how I will mangage two older boys with a newborn... my four-year-old is scared the baby will steal his thunder!