Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Thanks to all who left comments about Jon Kent and his sleeping problem.  Things haven't gotten any better.  The night I wrote my last entry was the icing on the cake.  He woke up and I went and rocked him back to sleep.  As soon as I get him into his room he wakes up and starts crying.  Kent gets home a few minutes later and we try to talk him back to sleep.  We let him cry a little bit and it almost worked until I had to change Zoey's diaper and he heard me.  Well it was all down hill from there.  He starts screaming and crying and before we could do anything about it we hear him puke.  Yes puke.  All in his bed, all over his PJs, everywhere.  It was horrible.  We try and get him cleaned up but the poor child starts hyperventilating.  Ever since, we just put him in the bed with us.  Although, he spent the night with my parents Saturday night and slept in his crib there all night.  Go figure that one out!

Zoey on the other hand, for a newborn, has been sleeping pretty well.  I give her a bath around 8:30pm and put her in her swing or bouncy seat until about 10 or 10:30pm.  I get her up change her diaper and feed her.  She is usually out by 11 or a little after.  She usually sleeps until 2am and gets up for a feeding.  Then she is back down until 6 or so.  I usually only have to get up with her once a night unless we go to bed earlier like we did last night.  She was in bed by 9:30pm.  She sleeps great!  She takes a morning nap also that usually last 3-4 hours.  Then she cat naps the rest of the day.  I guess she got the sleeping gene that Jon Kent passed up.

Well, both of my babies seem to be waking up from their naps.  I will try to update more later.  Still a lot to talk about.  Plus, the weather here has been too good to pass up.  Kent, Jon Kent, Zoey, and myself all spent the morning outside playing.  High 60s here.  Anyway, I'll talk with yall later!

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shpgirl406 said...

Em, so sorry JK is being a handful!  Do you have a fan or some sort of noise machine you could put in his room?  That might keep other sounds from waking him up..  He might hear you (or something and think it's you) and want your full attention, kwim?  I hope he lets up soon, and starts sleeping better for you!  Also, I'm curious why you wake Zoey @10 to change her..  ?  TIA :o)