Saturday, June 2, 2007

The mood struck!

Kent and I went out tonight for a date.  The kids were at my parents' for the night so we decided to go to a new place to eat.  We have been wanting to go to this Japanese restaurant for awhile.  But every time we went the line was always out the door.  But finally we drove by there tonight and it wasn't crowded so we stopped.  The food is a bit pricey but for the entertainment you get, it's worth it.  As they seated us with about 7 other people I was  bit nervous.  I'm not a people person and for anyone that knows me knows that it takes a long time for me to warm up to anyone.  Once I do, I'm fine but I can't warm up to a complete stranger in 30 minutes.  Anyway, as we are waiting to get our soups and salads I'm looking around.  I'm watching all the chefs cooking and all the people watching in amazement.  Then it happened.. one of the chefs started cooking some rice and throwing it into people's mouths.  I said to Kent, "Kent that guy is throwing food into everyone's mouth!"  Kent, surprisingly to me, got a nervous look on his face and said, "EVERYONE'S mouth!?!?!"  I said, "Yes!  Is our chef going to do that to us?"  Kent.. "I sure hope not!  Is he even ringing their mouths?"  Me.. "No!"  Kent.. shakes his head in hopes our chef doesn't do it.  Well...  ours does.  LOL!  And a guy at my table and me where the only ones that food actually got into our mouths!  And the chef guy tried Kent's twice!  LOL!!!  It was a really good time though!  We'll go back again for sure!

A week from tomorrow, we'll be heading to the beach!!!  Yeeeehawwww!!  I am so ready for this vacation!!  I can't even describe how ready I am!  I'm not ready for the 5+ hour drive with two kids, but hopefully they will do fine.  This coming week will hopefully make time fly.  We are having a kick off thing tomorrow night at church for our VBS.  I'll take some pictures.. because yall will NOT want to miss it!  I'm sure I will have some of yall rolling!  So check back for an update!

Well, I guess I better get off of here.  I will talk with yall later!

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