Wednesday, September 19, 2007

12 weeks

I'm 12 weeks today.  Which means I have roughly one more week on the progesterone and then I will be done!!  I have started feeling pretty good the last couple of days but night time is still a bit queasey.  So hopefully after I'm done taking the pills I'll feel more 'normal' again.  Here's hoping anyway!  Also, I took belly pictures with my last two so it's only fair to take them with this one.  So I'll be doing that once a month or so.  Bleh.


mommymaber said...

Awww, cute lil' bump! I know this will sound weird, but I miss being pregnant already! lol I have such easy pregnancies.  However, I'm so DONE.  Rob said he'd get snipped "whenever I make the appointment." :)

becca973 said...

Awww cute, you have a little bump already!

candysue72 said...

I miss seeing my baby grow