Monday, April 23, 2007

You pick the title.. I'm too tired to.

The more fitting word for my mood right now would be 'disgusted'.  That's just about sums up what I am feeling right now.  Flat out disgusted.  I am telling you.. I just don't understand people sometimes.  The choices they make.  Why they make THAT choice instead of this other choice that would be much better.  Why can't they just get their priorities straight?  I mean really.. it shouldn't be that hard.  But for some it is.  They have such a hard time putting the right things first instead of the wrong.  I know we all make mistakes and we all choose wrong things at times.  But to make choosing wrong things a regular act of life.  To me that just doesn't make sense.  This entry probably doesn't make sense.. but only because I'm wanting to protect the subject of this entry.  The person who chooses the wrong things instead of the right.  Why can't they just see what they are doing is making their life harder, not easier.  This whole thing has my heart hurting in ways I never thought 'this person' could make it.  I'm torn up inside because of this.  I told Kent last night that I was physically exhausted because of the continual thinking of this.  And the continual running of thoughts through my head.  It's tiring.  I-just-don't-understand.

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