Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why, Hello July

Happy July to all.  It's finally July which means our vacation is nearing!  Yay, yay, yay!  I'm looking forward to hitting the beach!  I made a countdown thingy for the kids to take a sticker off each day and it counts down the days until we leave to go to the beach.  The kids are super excited over it.  They keep asking "how many days momma?".  And I was telling them how when we go they get to watch a movie on the way to the beach and Zoey asked, "We gonna have a TEEEEVEEEEE in the car?!?!?!".  She was just thrilled at that idea.  LOL.  They are both so looking forward to going to the beach.  They can't wait.  Nathan.. well as long as his boob juice (me) is there he doesn't care where we are. 

July is a busy month for us.  We have the 4th on Friday which is the annual "P" (maiden name) reunion.  Then a week from today is my daddy's birthday.  Then we have vacation from the 19th-26th.  Kent's birthday is the 28th and then we have VBS the 28th-Aug 1st.  Busy, busy month.  The Wiggles are having a concert close by but we will be at the beach when they come to town... which stinks because the kids would have loved it, but they will never know because we sure aren't telling them.  ;o)

Well, that does it for now.  Enjoy my randomness of pictures.

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breakaway1968 said...

Sounds like a busy month for sure!  I bet the kids are really excited.  We take our TV when traveling 24 hour (one way) drive to FL with Nic and it's a LIFESAVER for sure!  He would not have made it without the tv.  He was WAY better then we had expected.