Sunday, July 8, 2007


So yesterday was the infamous 07/07/07 date that anyone who has been recently engaged in the past 2 years or so has been waiting for.  I was reading a story on AOL's main page about how normally "The Knot", a wedding planning web site, had about 12,000 people registered for any given weekend.  But for this past Saturday, 07/07/07, they had 38,000.  Which would roughly put it past 3 times what is normal.  Las Vegas chapels were sold out and wedding planners all across the globe have been booked for this date for at least a year.  One said that the calls started coming in to book the date back in 2005.  Everyone is hoping the date will give them good luck in their marriage.  I guess with the divorce rate what it is (50% for those who may not watch the news frequently) they are trying to get every advantage they can, I suppose.  The year I got married (2002) the big date was 02/02/02 and the wedding would begin at 2PM.  I know a girl who got married on that date in fact.  She is divorce now though.  So I guess 2's aren't so lucky.  I got married on 03/16/02.  Wanna know why?  Because it fell during "Spring Break".  So I was out from college.  So it fit.  For those who are familiar with the Bible, 3:16 is also a famous passage.. John 3:16 that is.  But I really didn't notice that when we were picking out the date.  I just hope these people aren't marrying on this day hoping that in the end it will carry their marriage.  Because that my friends takes work, not luck.  And even when you work really hard, marriage still has it's hard moments.  It's when you get through those moments and realize that you are stronger and closer that you can call yourself "lucky".. although I rather think of it as blessed.  But that's just me.

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