Sunday, July 15, 2007

Redneck Theater

First, let me say this...  I'm very proud of being from the south.  I love that my roots are deep and that we live in the "Bible Belt".  I love the fact that my hometown is small and most people wouldn't be bothered if they left their front doors unlock or the keys in their cars.  I like the community atmosphere here.  Where everybody just about knows everybody or at least knows their first cousin.  But.. we do have rednecks.  And when I say rednecks I mean people who just don't give a hoot about their appearance or their bodily functions or their behavior in public.

Last night Kent and I went to our local movie theater.  We usually go to the town next door's theater because they have better seating, better surround sound, and better audiences.  But we just wanted to stay close to home last night.  We get there and everything is fine.  The seats weren't great, but they did add a cup holder so we didn't have to hold our drinks this time.  As the trailers began to roll I am hearing people (grown people) burping and talking about this or that very loudly.  Then, the king redneck makes his appearance.  He is the one that laughs VERY LOUDLY and I'm not talking just a quick outburst.  But a loooonnnnngggggg drawn out laugh.  And when that moment of funniness has left the screen he is STILL laughing.  Yall, I wish I had a recording just so yall could hear it.  I've never heard a laugh like that one.  I mean really.  At one point in the movie he started laughing and laughing and laughing and everyone else starts laughing at him.  It was really kind of comical at that moment.  But it got old very quickly.  VERY quickly.  By the time we got out of there, I was ready to just get home. 

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