Monday, June 16, 2008

Nathan's 2 Month Check-up

Nathan had his two month check-up today.  He weighed in at 15 pounds and 4 ounces.  He was 24ish inches long and his head was 16ish cm.  He was off the charts for all his measurements but was still proportional.  The doctor said he looked healthy and great.  He had to have 4 shots and an oral dose of the rotavirus vaccine.  He cried for a moment but then went to sleep and took a marathon of a nap.  He slept for about 3 hours and that was after sleeping for a previous hour right before his check-up.  Needless to say I was ready for him to wake up and nurse.. lol.  We go back in two months.

We just got back from swimming and we have some "first" news.  Zoey swam without assistance except for her back float.  The back float just keeps your back up out of the water just enough to help you learn to swim.  Previously, she had been using a kick board and her back float but tonight  just swam with her back float and kicked her arms and legs.  She was soooo proud of herself and kept saying "I do it, I do it!!".  So sweet!  I need to remember to put it in her baby book.

Well, it's bath time around here and Nathan is letting me know about it.  So I must go.  Talk with yall later!


candysue72 said...

my wonderful and athletic granddaughter.  She will hold her own in anything she wants to do.  She is Gramsie's sweet baby girl

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Eli was in the 97th percentile for height and way above avg. in the other areas until about 12 months, then he started 'leveling out'.  We thought we were going to have a hulk baby on our hands! ;)

Way to go Zoey!  She'll be a little mermaid by summer's end :)

Y'all have a great week!

breakaway1968 said...

I was going back to check what others I missed...I DID read this but didn't comment for some reason.  Must have been busy.