Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No pappy? We shall see...

I have been telling Jon Kent for DAYS and DAYS on end that if I see him with that pappy in his mouth "just one more time" when he's not sleeping I'm going to throw it away.  Well, today was the final straw and he had it in his mouth trying to talk to me (drives me crazy) and I told him to give me that pappy.  I threw it in the trash.  Yes, you read right.. I took that poor baby's pappy and threw it in the trash.  And to my shock and amazement.. he didn't cry or even seem to care.  We did have several small conversations about how he was a big boy now and didn't need his pappy.  He took a nap.. not a long one.. but one nonetheless and he did fine.  The real test will be tonight.  I bought him a "prize" that if he goes all night without his pappy and doesn't cry or whine for it that he will get it when he wakes up in the morning.  We'll see how that goes....  If he does this then his baby days are truly over...  Zoey's has been over for about 2 weeks now (she gave her pappy up at around 9 months) since she has been potty trained.  Only baby I've got left is Nathan.  How sad.

We went swimming this morning.  Or rather Zoey and I did.  Jon Kent didn't want to go (he really didn't want to go outside.. it was too hot he said) and Nathan took a quick dip but decided the water wasn't warm enough to be his bath, so he didn't like it.  So it was just Zoey and me for about an hour.  She swam by herself again and then floated in the float for a bit.  She had a good time and I got a little tan.. so it was a good time all around.  I took just a few pictures while I could so enjoy!!


my3gifts said...

Only 2 of the four of my kids ever took a pacifier. When Jordyn was 7 months old she threw it across the room and then would chase after it, so since it became a toy to her, I threw them all away. When Jacob was 4 months old he got a cold and that was it, never wanted it again. Jack had one for 8 days while in NICU, but never liked it, always fought having it so he never got one. Emma was given one in the hospital, but I threw it away while we were there.

Hope all goes well tonight for  John Kent and that it remains just one more milestone.

quartrlyfecrysis said...

I took Pey's away just before 2.  Told her that since she was a big girl we had to send the paci's to new babies who would need them.  She put them all in a bag and we 'sent' them to the hospital for the newborn babies.  Worked like a charm, never heard of it again.
Eli only uses his at nap/bed so I'm hoping it'll be easy to get rid of!

The photos are too cute!

breakaway1968 said...

Aww such sweet pics!  Boy she is really being a big girl latley in all sorts of ways...potty trained  swimming on her own!!  WOW  I think you did the right thing by throwing it away!  Now he knows you mean business!~  And what YOU say goes ;)