Saturday, December 10, 2005

Is it Saturday?

All of my days have been running together lately.  I guess it's because Kent is off of work.  I seriously have to think about what day it is almost everyday.  I guess I'm already starting to lose my mind, and my kids are even teenagers yet!  ACK!!

Kent and I went out on a little date last night.  My parents came over and kept the babes for us.  We just went to the mall and finished up our Christmas shopping and then went out and ate.  It was nice having one and one time with my husband again.  He is truly a wonderful husband and father.  I am truly blessed to have him as my partner.  I know a lot of women out there that have to beg their husbands to feed, change, bathe, dress, etc. their kids, and my just does it.  He is really something special!

Tonight is the local Christmas parade for my town.  We are going.  Jon Kent was a tiny little thing last year, so we didn't venture out and take him.  We really saw it pointless to take a newborn to the parade just to sit in the car with him.  However, Zoey will be going with us this year.  And we will be in the  But Jon Kent and his daddy will be out checking out all of the floats.  I am actually looking forward to it.  Even though I will be in the car, it will still be a chance to get out and about for an hour or so.  Which is always a good thing when you are in the house all day long.

Well, I guess I better go.  Zoey is napping and the boys are up at the new house doing "stuff".  So while I have the chance, I think I will clean the house.  It truly needs it!  I'll talk with yall later.  Oh, and enjoy the pictures!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

OMG precious pics....thanks for sharing =)

my3gifts said...

Very cute pictures.

ginabommer said...

zoey is sooo adorable!!! i have five kids... but i cant imagine having them that close together.... i know you must have your hands full!!!!! jon kent is toooo cute.... they both look like little angels!!!!!!!!! love....gina

piperacharmed1 said...

Congrats!! She is a real beauty....and Jon Kent is a cutie! Enjoy!