Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!  I hope you all had a very happy day surrounded by friends and family!!

Today was a great day.  We got Jon Kent up at 6:30am and showed him all his new toys.  He LOVES his 4-wheeler.  He still doesn't quite know how to keep it going.  He pushes the power button over and over again, so he jerks around while riding it.  Everyone now and then he will hold his finger on the button long enough to run into a wall.  Zoey slept through Christmas.  I just left her in the bed this morning and I think she slept in until about 8am.  Next year will be better for her.  We all had a great Christmas with lots of goodies.

Tomorrow we are hitting the sales!  Well, not really.  We are going to Lowes and Sears to look at appliances.  We are hoping to find some good deals on them.  My parents are "covering the bill" for them, so we are wanting to find a good deal for them.  But like my daddy said, don't get a poor quality appliance just because you are trying to save a little money.  YES SIR!!  LOL  In all seriousness, I am hoping we can get some nice stuff, but at "after Christmas" prices.  We'll see!

Well folks...  Another Christmas has come and gone.  On to 2006!!

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july171995 said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!