Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Zoey Taylor's Birth Story

November 30th

I had a regular doctor's appointment that day, but I didn't make it.  All the night before and that morning I was having contractions.  They were pretty regular.  We went in and saw the OB and she told me I was in early labor and that things would slow down, then get regular, then slow down again, and then get regular and probably stay regular.  At that time I was almost 2cm dilated.  So we went home.

December 1st

Just like the night before, I was up most of it with contractions.  It was horrible.  For almost 3 hours I would have contractions.  I tried every position trying to get comfortable or make the contractions just a little bit easier to get through.  Finally at 6am that morning I told Kent that I was going to take a hot shower and get cleaned up just in case this was it.  So I did.  Sure enough, my contractions completely stopped.  So I just got in the bed and slept most of the day.  Thankfully Kent's Granny was sweet enough to keep Jon Kent for me.  I was exhausted!  That night around 5pm or so the contractions started up again.  Except this time they weren't coming as close, but when they came---boy did they come!  Around 8pm or so I told Kent that I just couldn't take them anymore.  I hopped in the bath thinking it would just stop them again.  I was just wanting to get some relief!  I took a hot bath and when I got out I thought I was feeling better.  Well, around 9:30pm they started up again and all I could do was cry.  I didn't want to go through another night like my last two.  I told Kent that I was going to call the hospital and see if I needed to come in.  But I just went to bed crying instead.  I was at my breaking point with the pain.  Kent called the hospital for me and I ended up talking to a nurse.  She told us to come on in.  We got there about 10:30pm and they hooked me up the monitors.  The nurse checked me and I was at 4-5cm dilated.  She said that they were going to get me a room and admit me.  Before getting me a room she checked me about 45 minutes later and I was 7cm dilated.  Kent and I both freaked!  Kent started calling our parents telling them to get there soon that the nurse said we were going to have a baby by 3am!  The nurse finally gets me into a room and I was still having contractions. 

December 2, 2005

The contractions were coming about every 6 minutes.  Kent looked at the monitor and said one contraction was in the 90s out of 100.  It HURT but I was able to breathe through it.  So the nurse asked if I wanted an epidural.  Uh, duh!  YES!  So I while getting one they were taking my blood pressure and it was getting kind of high.  The nurse asked if I was nervous and I was like..."yeaahhhh".  I mean come on---a huge needle is in my back and I could feel it!  So, after a few minutes, the epi took and we were good to go.  Although I could still tell when I was having a contraction.  So the nurse calls in for a boost for my epi.  Once I got that, I couldn't feel a thing!  Well, after the epi my contractions completely stopped.  This was around 2:30am.  So the nurse told me she was going to let me rest and then if my contractions hadn't started back up by 5am they would start the pitocin.  So, I went to sleep.  5am rolls around and they start the pit.  6:15am the doctor comes in and breaks my water.  7am I start pushing.  7:07am Zoey Taylor is born.  6lbs 13oz and 21 inches long.  She came into this world "sunny side up" with her cord around her neck twice.  The doctor and nurses were surprised that I pushed her out that quickly with her being face up like she was.  When she came out, she barely cried.  She looks JUST like her brother when he was first born. 

While in the hospital, Zoey got jaundice and we had to put her in the billibed.  It was horrible.  We have had to go to the doctor twice since being home to get her blood drawn.  Her numbers are still up but not as high so we don't have to put her in the bed.  But we are having to keep an eye on her and make sure her color doesn't get worse.  Besides that, everything else seems to be going well.  She sleeps fairly well although she has a stuffy nose so that tends to bother her more at night than any other time of the day.  But her first night home, she only woke up twice and one of those times I had to wake her up.  I'm not going to lie, it's been hard at times.  It's A LOT of work to have two under 13 months.  But Jon Kent has really been good.  He doesn't really notice her too much and he hasn't seemed jealous of her when I am holding her.  He gives her kisses on the top of her head and tries to poke at her nose.  He smiles when he first sees her in the morning.  It's cute.  Well, there is the story.  Sorry it took me so long.  Hopefully in a few more weeks I will get back to more of a routine.  Until then, I'm not promising much!  LOL


xoxbabiluvxox said...

Congrats on the Baby! She is absolutely gorgeous! I hope the best for your family!

<3-- heather from the nov. board

spunkyxmasangel said...

Congrats.  -Dawn-

ginabommer said...

awwww. she is sooo adorable!!!! congrats!!!! keep those pics coming!!! i hope jon kent is taking well to his new baby sister!!!! love....gina

july171995 said...

Congrats to you both!  Now your family is complete!

myboyzrqt2 said...

Congrats to you and your family.  What a cute bundle of joy.  My son had a high billiruben count when he was born. It was 31.  The hospital was freaking out.  Not a good thing to do infront of the mom. lol  That was 10 years ago, we didn't have billibeds! That thing looks cool.  Really like the glow worm.
Best wishes to you.  Zoey is  a doll. The name is cute too.

lita2noel said...

She's beautiful Emily!!!  Congratulations again!!!  Try to get some rest, don't worry once you adjust and get your routine down, it won't be as difficult!!!  (((Em)))

elgeiselman said...

Congratulations, Emily. She is beautiful.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

She is adorable!!!!
Congrats to you both

gaylejean said...

Congratulations on the addition to your family.  She is beautiful.

my3gifts said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! I'm glad she's here!

God Bless
Christy http://journals.aol.com/my3gifts/ChristysThoughts/

callmeemma said...

Awww, Zoey is such a precious angel!  CONGRATULATIONS!  You have so much to look forward to.  Pink is definitely her color.  ;)  

Glad to hear you are back home and doing well.  Hope you have a great weekend with the sweet kiddos!