Saturday, November 10, 2007

News Alert: Baby Boy "O" still has no name

Kent and I both have been looking the internet over and over and over.  I swear my eyes will never see the same..  And still no name.  Not even a maybe name.  Not a first name nor a middle name.  I know we have at least 4.5 months left.  And I know there is still plenty of time to decide.  However, I like having a name.  I like being able to tell others about enter name here and calling him by that name.  It makes me feel closer to him, if that makes sense.  That way when I talk to him or of him I can call him by his name.  Jon Kent and Zoey (while Zoey's middle name was still up in the air at this point) all had a name before we even knew what they "were".  It's frustrating.  Hopefully soon as name will come to us and it will just fit.  Hopefully soon...

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serenity459 said...

First of all.... Congrats on a new baby boy.  WOW! I am so happy for ya'all.
2nd of all.... YAY!  Your journal isnt private anymore.
I use to read your journal all the time.
As for names.... I wish ya lots of luck finding one.
When I was pregnant with Nicholas..... my husband and I couldnt decide on a name for him till I was about 5 months pregnant.
We chose the name Alexander and we spent the next 4 months calling the baby "Alex" or "Alexander".
Well, the night before my scheduled C-section, my husband and I decided that we didnt want the name Alexander after all.
I guess we kinda got burnt out on it..... everywhere we went...everyone seemed to have named their baby boy Alexander.
So, my husband asked about the name Nicholas and I said Ok.
So, Nicholas it was.
My husband will tell ya that he chose the name Nicholas after St. Nicholas because Christmas is his most favorite time of the year. LOL.
I'm sure in no time at all.... you'll have the perfect name picked out for your baby boy.