Thursday, November 15, 2007

Redo for Half Way there...

Side note:  I was 20 weeks on Wednesday and AOL is REALLY getting on my nerves!!

Today I am officially 20 weeks pregnant.  Only 20 more until, Nathan Tyler is due.  I really can't believe I'm half way through my last pregnancy.  Kent said it didn't feel like we were already half way, because it still felt like April was forever away.  He is right, April does seem a long way off.  But with the holidays coming things will only speed up and soon we will be looking at a brand new year and lots of stuff to do before the baby gets here.  I'm excited, anxious, nervous.. but ready.  I'm ready to see our son and ready to hold him and introduce him to his brother and sister.  I'm ready for our family to be complete.  So here's to another 20 more weeks!

Jon Kent turns 3 tomorrow.  THREE!!!!  I swear it so feels like he was born a week ago.  But he is turning three.  He has been going around telling us that "tomorrow's my birthday".  And he sings happy birthday to himself.  It's all really cute.  We bought him a small gift to open tomorrow as his and Zoey's party is this Saturday.  We also bought Zoey a small gift to open tomorrow so she wouldn't feel left out.  I'll update sometime tomorrow hopefully with some pictures.

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