Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short update

Both kids are sick and I can be added to that list as well.  Horrible sore throat and cough for me and coughing, running noses, fevers, vomiting for the kids.  Jon Kent is just about over his (hopefully) and Zoey is still battling hers.  She has a horrible time with it at night.  I have to take Zoey back to the doctor tomorrow for a recheck on her breathing.  She had some "streaking" in her right lung (shown in the x-rays) that the doctor is hoping breathing treatments will take care of.  So we will know more on that tomorrow.  Zoey is on two medicines and a breathing treatment every 4 hours.  Jon Kent just finished his medicine and is on breathing treatments as well.  Hopefully this will be the last of our bout with sickness.. goodness knows we have been through it lately.

In other news I am 31 weeks pregnant today.  So I am down to my single weekly digits now.  Yikes!  So much to do!!!!

I will talk to you later.  Jon Kent is currently in time out and I need to get him out and re explain to him why he was put there.. ;-)


smithfkjs said...

Have you ever had them tested for allergies? Just a thought. remember how this house effected me when we first moved in?
Terrible! Glad to see you got a bigger car...I am going to buy a smaller one to go back and forth to school...gas is killing me...Take care...

Aunt KK

candysue72 said...

What is he in time out for?  Surely he did not do anything bad enough to be put in time out.  I guess he is keeping it warm for Zoey until she feels better