Thursday, January 17, 2008


It snowed here yesterday.  Very, very little but it did snow nonetheless.  Zoey was taking a nap so she missed the whole show but Jon Kent got to see it.  He was in his PJs so I just wrapped him in a huge blanket and carried him outside and held him while he held his hands out and let the snow fall into them.  He was so excited and happy.  I hope I never forget that look on his face.  The weather is still cold here but no more snow.. at least not until Saturday.  And even then there is only a slight chance.  But I will take a slight chance over no chance at all.

Yesterday I turned 29 weeks pregnant.  That puts me into my 7th month of pregnancy.  Only 11 more weeks of growing my last baby.  I've been compiling a list of all the stuff we still need, which is a lot.  BUT we got Nathan car seat last night.  It was shipped today and should be here by Saturday or Monday.  The only big items we still need are the swing and bouncy seat.  I am looking around for the best prices for those.  We have been given a lot of clothes as well.  All of Jon Kent's clothes would have been out of season for Nathan so we are kind of starting over.  I am saving all of Jon Kent's jeans and stuff because those can be worn whenever.  So later on we will be set, but right now.. no so much.  I'm also still looking for a cute first picture outfit and coming home outfit.  So lots to still do, but we still have plenty of time so I'm not going to stress myself out about it... yet.

We were supposed to go to a birthday party this weekend at Chuck E Cheese.  But Jade's (birthday girl) little sister (Jalie.. she is like 6 weeks old) was admitted into the hospital this afternoon for an ear infection and they are having to hook her up to IV's for 48 hours.  So no party. =(  I hope Jalie gets to feeling better though.  I know Lesli (the mom) is worried sick.. she sounded scared when I talked to her earlier.

Well, I am gone.  Enjoy my random pictures of the kids.

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candysue72 said...

You know I will buy him a Feltman.  The is tradition.  Do you not want that?