Thursday, January 31, 2008

Zoey update

I took Zoey to the doctor today to have her rechecked for her breathing.  The doctor said there wasn't as much wheezing as before but there was still a lot of mucus in her chest.  She said when she listened to her before, Zoey was taking short, quick breaths and all the mucus sounded like it was settled at the bottom of her chest.  But today she was taking deeper, longer breaths and the mucus sounds like it is moving around.  The doctor said it almost sounded like velcro tearing inside her chest.  But it's a good thing that the mucus is moving around.  It means it is being broken up and hopefully getting out of her chest.  She said that overall Zoey doesn't sound better but not worse.  If she was worse more than likely she would be put into the hospital.  But thankfully we didn't have to go that route.  She is still on the meds and breathing treatments though and we extended her breathing treatments to every 4 hours throughout the weekend.  She has to have a follow up visit in 2 weeks.  The doctor said if she gets worse to call and get her seen immediately.  So here is hoping Zoey only gets better from here on out.  The doctor did comment on the fact that Zoey was actually very sick at first and was glad to see that she was at least a bit better.  Zoey is doing better though.  Wanting to play and is actually eating again.  So I think as long as we take things slow, she will be just fine.

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