Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chronicles of Potty Training: Day 2 (almost complete)

Good report of the day.. my eye isn't twitching.

Jon Kent, so far, has only had 1 accident.  Unfortunately it had to be a poop accident, but he did at least try.  He has gone to the potty (pee wise) twice so far today.  He had a pull-up on for his nap and it was wet when he got up from his nap.  He was so proud that he pottied.  It was the cutest thing.  He did tell me several times that he needed to go potty, but once we got there- nothing.  I think he was feeling the feeling of having to poop but just never could.  But alas when he did have to poop he went into a corner and I found him there probably 2 seconds too late.  At least I didn't almost throw up this time.  So to recap.. Potty-2, Jon Kent-1.. so far. 

Update @ 8:57pm:  The day didn't end so well.  We had 3 more accidents.  So Jon Kent-4, Potty-2.

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