Friday, February 1, 2008

:::Warning::: This is a rant

First of all, why is it when Kent is away and has set plans that something always happens????!!!!???  Kent is away with his DCT team doing honor guard stuff because someone from his work place passed away this week.  He won't be back home until later this evening. 

Second, I'm sick.  There I admitted it.  Apparently being in denial isn't working so I'll just admit that I am sick.  I have a cold.  It's a bad cold, but nothing more than a cold.  It's not deep in my chest but I feel somewhat congested.  Most of it is in my head/sinuses.  It is causing me some headaches and my throat is pretty sore.  Good thing to all this is that the kids are on the up swing.  Jon Kent is pretty much back to his old self and Zoey is quickly coming around.  They both slept well last night.

Now lastly and here comes my ranting...  My blood pressure is up.  Not high, but up.  My norm is around 110/70.  It's hanging around 134/84 right now.  I laid on my left side, drank some water retook it and it was about the same.  So I called my doctor's office and talked to an OB nurse.  OK, here is my rant.  And let me just say this first.. I know I have nurses or future nurses reading this so please take no offense to this as I am not talking about you.  So... I call and tell them what is up.  I tell her that my norm is 110/70 and what it was the last time I took it.  I told her I laid on my left side, drank water, etc.  And instead of either telling me what I can do more of to try and bring it down or if I need to come in to be monitored I get this. "___________________________".  That long blank line would be silence.  Then I just sit there and she finally says, "Well, that is still in the normal range but if you would really like I can set you up an appointment for tomorrow with one of the on call OBs".  So here is where my problem begins...  First of all, don't just sit there and not say anything back to me.  Oh and this was after I was hung up on on my previous call.  Secondly, talk louder than you are currently speaking because I can't hear you.  Thirdly, don't NOT talk.  Fourthly (is that a word?), tell me what I can do to make things better.. as in laying on my left side a while longer or drinking a lot more water.  Anything..  but I just felt brushed off.  Now please.. don't get me wrong.  I love my group of OBs (minus one or two) and their nurses are great.  The nurses I had in the hospital while having Jon Kent and Zoey were great.. some better than others.  But this nurse here.. maybe it was almost time for her to get off or whatever.. I don't know but really.. come on.. be helpful for goodness sakes.  So now I am left to wonder if I should just call back later if my pressure goes up anymore or wait it out until Monday.  I know from past experiences with Jon Kent that high blood pressure can come from no where.  So I am watching and waiting to see anything over 140 or 90.  I just didn't know if it was on the increase since my norm is usually around 110/70.  Sheesh...

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OUCH! :)

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