Friday, April 4, 2008

40 weeks, 2 days

This is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant.  The spaghetti did nothing last night.  And I even went walking/hiking yesterday afternoon.  And that did more damage than good.  I felt great while I was walking.  Like I had a shot of energy.  I came in sat down for a little bit and then when I got up to go take a shower.. B-A-M!!!  Pain.  Oh my goodness, the pain.  It was horrible.  Like my pelvic bone was being crushed and my hips were being ripped a part.  My lower abs.. what is left of them were aching and crampy feeling.  It was just horrible.  Then last night while trying to sleep, every time I rolled over the pain was unbearable.  Jon Kent woke up, I think, twice wanting to go potty or get some water.  And just rolling out of the bed to go see what he needed was the worst.  And of course I had to potty myself more than I would have liked.  It just wasn't a fun night.  I'm still hurting today too and the soreness is setting in.  Ugh.  I rather have contractions than this pain.  Other than that, no signs of labor.  None.  Zero.  Nothing.  ZilchThere are storms coming our way.. super cell thunderstorms and tornados.  I'm hoping if he does decide to come that we can make it to the hospital safely.  But he'll probably just curl up and stay put.  Kent's sister's prom is tonight as well.. Kent wants to be there to "send her off".  Meaning he wants to get a good look at this guy who is taking his sister out (her first "date".. officially anyway).  He told me this morning that he is taking his gun up there.  I'm already embarrassed for Kerith.  Anyway, that's all that is going on here.  I need to get off my overdue booty and fold clothes and clean up.  I'll keep yall updated as much as I can and if there is even anything to update on..


littlelady1699 said...

You got one stubborn little tike in there!  


inquestoftruth said...

Been pregnant all your life, seems like?   lol   I remember my pregnancy.    I was due Jan 1.   I had her Jan 18.   (I have to be honest and admit that I pretty much knew it would be more mid january than the first, but I hoped...)
You've got a cute are my daughter's age, and she also has 3 children, two boys and a girl.    
We are in Alabama, too.  NW Corner.    I'm just curious where in Alabama you lived?

breakaway1968 said...

Oh no!  Sounds horrible!  It seems like yesterday when I had my little guy now that you mention how uncomfortable at night you were!  I didn't like that part either!  And you just get comfortable and almost to sleep then you gotta go pee!  I slept with a pillow on both sides of one of those tucked under my belly.  That helped alot!  Hope he will make an appearance VERY soon!  Either that or I hope Monday gets here real soon!