Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Potty Training: The Zoey Edition

Day 2:  Early Entry
We have a high school graduation to attend tonight so this is early and incomplete but we'll just roll with it.  This morning Zoey woke up dry.  I was pretty impressed by that, but knew it wouldn't be long before she would have to go.  So we went and sat on the potty.  She pee-peed!!!  I acted like it was the greatest thing in the world and told her how proud I was of her.  I went and got Kent and he did the same.  She was pretty proud.  So we went and put on her big girl panties and off she toddled.  Later in the morning Jon Kent was doing his #2 business and Zoey said she needed to poop also.  So after Jon Kent was through she sat down and tried but said she couldn't.  So she goes off to play and I go to cook breakfast.  I walk in to Jon Kent's room to tell them breakfast was ready and I smell something and then see a rather large sagging in her panties.. Grrrreat.  We go and change and I'm repeatedly telling her that we do not poop in our panties.  We poop in the potty, etc.  She changes and then we go and eat.  Later her and Jon Kent are playing while I'm doing some chores before we go out and play.  I walk down the hall and see Jon Kent in the kitchen slowly walking around a puddle in the floor.  Grrrreat, again.  I go and find Zoey and sure enough she had peed.  And let me say here during all of this I'm asking her like every 5 minutes if she has to go potty.  So we change AGAIN and outside we go.  At least out there she can't pee or poop on my carpets.  So we play and she doesn't have any accidents.  We come back in for nap time and I put a pull-up on her.  She wakes up from her nap wet (expected because being dry during that will come with time) but I still thought she might have to pee.  So we go and sit on the potty and she pees in there.  YAY!  She is proud, I'm proud.. we're all proud.  And that's where we are at now.  What she will do the rest of the day is yet to be seen.  Like I said earlier.. she will train in her own time and it probably won't be as quickly as Jon Kent.  But I am hoping that by this time next week, we have at least seen a good improvement.


breakaway1968 said...

Yeah that's a great start!  Way to go Zoey!  WOOHOO!

candysue72 said...

Way to go Gramsie's Gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You just need some more big girl panties.  What kind to you want?  I am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!

quartrlyfecrysis said...

That's great progress in one day!

invest in lots of packages of inexpensive underwear!  I got really tired, really quickly of handling poo-pants and just tossed them if it was bad ;)  Once she wasn't having accidents anymore we took her to pick out her own big girl underwear.

Good Job Zoey :)