Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Rest of Day 2 and High School Graduation

Potty training went better yesterday.  So at least we are making progress.  Yesterday afternoon she only had one accident and peed in the potty three times.  I'm seeing with Zoey that she won't go on her own.. at least not yet.  Every single time she has actually peed in the potty is because we've taken her.  With Jon Kent he just learned the feeling and knew he had to go.  So I think Zoey still needs to learn that feeling.  And once she does, I think she will take off with the training and do well.  I just have to keep reminding her to go until she does that. 

Last night we went to Kent's little sister's high school graduation.  It went well.  It was kind of hot in the place it was at so Nathan got cranky towards the middle of the ceremony.  Kent took him out and then I went and got him so Kent could see his sister graduate.  He was fine once he was out and walking and not bunched up and hot.  I took him outside and he loved it because the wind was blowing (storms were rolling in) and it just felt nice.  Anyway, Kent's sister is now a high school graduate which makes me feel old since I've known her since she was like 2.  Goodness.

I do believe that is all to report for now.  Potty training: Day 3 is going well so far.. so let's all keep our fingers crossed for some poopie in the potty today!

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quartrlyfecrysis said...

Congratulations to the graduate :)

What is it with the temp. in schools?!  I could have sworn that I was going through early menopause during the last PTA meeting!  ;)