Monday, February 25, 2008

I got nothing

Nothing new really going on around here.  Kent and I had a date night this past Saturday evening.  We ate out and then went shopping for the kids' spring and summer clothes.  We got some really good deals at Target and Old Navy.  Nathan got a few more things as well.  Hopefully they are pretty much set.

I have been washing Nathan's clothes and blankets.  I am trying to get it all done so I can pack his bags for the hospital.  I need to clean out a spot in the hall closet for his towels and rags.  It's amazing at all the rearranging I have to do just to fit another person into this house. 

It's weird how one second I am excited and thrilled to be having another baby and then the next I'm freaking out and thinking why are we having another baby.  I know it's normal and all that but I just wish that my mind would quit racing.  A million thoughts can run through my mind and it gets tiring.  I'm really hoping my labor with Nathan goes well and that in the end we have a healthy baby.  That's what I'm most worried with is Nathan and how my whole labor will go.  And then after that if he will have reflux.  We are much more educated about it this go around and know more in how to handle it, but still I just don't want him to have it.. period.  We'll see.  I keep telling myself to just enjoy these last days, weeks of being pregnant because they will be the last.  And then when he comes to just enjoy his tiny-ness and baby-ness while I can because those will be the last as well.

37 days and counting...


poncollect said...

No, these will not be the last days.  Before you could ever believe it has happened, those tiny babies will be bringing you tiny babies of their own.  And believe me, as wonderful as these days are, those will be even more so!  Looking forward to Little Nathan's arrival!

breakaway1968 said...

We had another baby after our kids were 15 and 17 and everyone thought we were nuts.  I thought we were nuts for a while until he got here.  THEN it was awesome!   It was so nice having another little one in the house.  Now our daughter is moved out and we still have two.  It would be so lonely with just one.  Looking forward to seeing little Nathan!