Saturday, March 1, 2008

Consignment Days

Well, today was the day for the consignment sale that I participate in twice a year.  There wasn't a whole lot to choose from clothing wise like there usually is.  So that was a bit disappointing.  I did find Nathan some little rompers that he could wear to church during the summer time.  I couldn't find Jon Kent anything and Zoey got a little sundress and 2 tank tops.  But the deal of the day was the swing and bouncy seat I found.  Retail they would have cost me about $90.  I got both of them for $60.  They are both like new.  All the parts are there, they both work, the fabric is clean and well kept.  It was a good find.  I am proud to say that Nathan is basically set now.  *I just have to grab some things from storage and get them cleaned up and we will be set.  It's getting closer and closer. 

Today the kids also got their Easter outfits.  We got them both for great deals.  Zoey's dress came from TJMaxx and Jon Kent's came from Target.  *If Nathan is here and he is born in a reasonable time before Easter (hopefully he will wait until after) we will just grab him something from somewhere.  He could go naked and everyone would swoon, I am sure. 

As far as the consignment sale goes, I hope it does well and my stuff sells.  It would be a nice surprise to get a good check in the mail from it in a month or so. =)

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breakaway1968 said...

Beautiful outfits!  LOVE that dress!  Hope you take pictures of them all dressed up :)  Have a great day and hope your feeling ok.
I don't know if I ever added you to my private journal...I will add you if I didn't.  I know I just recently started reading some journals and sometimes i don't always remember to add them as a reader to mine!