Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy 5 Months!

Today Nathan is 5 months old.  With each day that passes he just seems to learn and grow more quickly.  He is rolling like a mad fool these days.  He is the first of my kids to roll like he does.  He wants to get somewhere.. he just rolls there.  It's pretty funny.  Now, if he would just start sleeping through the night.. or hey.. just waking up once.  I'd take that.. oh well.. it'll happen.  Happy FIVE months to my sweet littlest man!


breakaway1968 said...

OH MY GOODNESS 5 MONTHS ALREADY!?  Whew,, he is really growing huh!  Soon he will be off to school and getting into trouble.    Sorry I have not been around much...I have been pretty busy getting ready for winter weather with the chickens.  And been trying to do more things with Nic while I still have him around here.  I missed a lot of your entries but I will get back to read :D  Eventually!  I'm starting over and deleting everything in my email and starting fresh!  I think it will be easier.  Hope all is well with your family.  

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Adorable pic!!!

Wow already 5 months =)