Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Tasks

Today I cleaned out the garage, the car and put things that we don't use during fall/winter into the storage building.  The kids played outside and with the new puppy.  By the way, the puppy's named changed and is now named Dodger.  So...  Anyway, I also had to take Jon Kent to the dentist.  His front two teeth have become discolored and I was getting worried about it because it was only those two and I brush his teeth twice a day, more if I thought about it, and they were still brown looking.  So the dentist checked him out, took xrays, the works.  The dentist said that he did have some nerve damage but it was very minor and wouldn't effect the growth of the tooth or the permanent tooth.  He also said that from hitting his teeth it can cause a sort of bruising to cover the tooth and stain it.  So he just gave his teeth a good polish and they were back to looking great.. whew.  I was glad it was nothing too bad.. thankfully.  After the dentist appointment I took the car to the car wash, had it washed and then cleaned out the inside and vacuumed.  Then we came home.  The kids' soccer practice was canceled because their coach was sick.  So we just hung out outside and played and then came in for supper.  Now the kids are watching a movie and they are fixing to take a bath and we'll settled down and watch a movie or read before bed.  I'm hoping after all the youngins are asleep I'll get some more consignment stuff done.  Anyway.. that's it.. for now.  Enjoy the pictures.


my3gifts said...

Just stopping in to say hi. I'd been in the states for 7 weeks and turned off all my alerts. Hope you're doing well.

God Bless

piperacharmed1 said...

Oh my gosh....if you lived in my state I would swear our dogs came from the same litter...they are practically twins!


janid731 said...

Busy day!  Sounds like you accomplished a lot...I'm impressed! :)

Have a great day today!