Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Due Date Eve


Here I sit, the day before Zoey's due date.  I have had numerous phone calls and emails already asking if I thought today would be the day.  No answer is simply, "no".  I honestly believe that Zoey will be a December baby.  Which in a lot of ways will be nice.  No sharing the same month with her brother for a birthday, her birth stone won't be an ugly orange, she will get birthday presents one week and turn around and get Christmas presents like 3 weeks later (unless people are cheap and try and wrap one present for both events), she will be one of the first people in her class to be able to drive.  I would list the cons of her being born in December, but I am trying to stay positive here.


Jon Kent and I went to Wal-Mart earlier to pick up his pictures we had taken for his 1 year Birthday.  But when I got there the lady was taking some pictures, so I figured I would shop around and see if I could pick up some more Christmas gifts.  I did get Jon Kent and Zoey some thing.  And I FINALLY found some bassinet sheets.  So hopefully I can get those washed and put in the bassinet soon.  I got Jon Kent some bath toys and Zoey some carseat toys.  After checking out, I was going to go grab the pictures and leave.  But when I went to get them the lady had put up a sign saying she would be back in like 15 minutes.  So, we left.  I figured we could go back by there tonight some time since we are going to be in town anyway at Kent's little brother's basketball game.

Well, I guess I better go.  I have housework to do.  Talk with yall later!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

I cannot wait...the time is almost near..
for baby Zoey to make her grand entrance
into this world....hehe

gaylejean said...

wouldn't that be cool to have a baby on her actual due date?
but the Dec 1 sounds like  a nice date too.
just don't wait till the 24th or 25th.  lol