Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Zoey!!!

At 7:07am two years ago today, I gave birth to our little princess, Zoey Taylor.  It has been a very quick two years.  That little girl was an answer to so many prayers (even though when I prayed those prayers it wasn't for another baby, just for an answer.. and she was it).  She is so beautiful inside and out.  She loves her big brother and already gives loves and kisses to her little brother.  EVERY morning she wakes up asks for her 'baba' and gets in the bed with me and snuggles (plays with my ear.. still haven't figured out why she loves my ears so much).  She is very affectionate and will hug anyone.  She does cock a 'tude every now and then but I guess that is just the girl in her.  She is our little princess and she was treated like one alllll day.  I can't tell you how many times we have sang happy birthday to her today.  She would start singing it and then look at us like, "That was your cue!!".  Anyway, Happy Birthday to my little Princess!!!


candysue72 said...

She was an answer to her Gramsie's prayer.  I am just thankful the next baby is a boy.  She can attain her "Princess Status" a little longer.

cp7976 said...

Happy Birthday Zoey!!!