Monday, December 10, 2007

Much better today

Whew.  We are all much better here on this Monday morning!  Thank goodness!  It was a long weekend to say the least.  It just all seemed to hit us all at once and I for one am glad it's almost over.  Jon Kent hasn't had a fever since Saturday and he started eating better yesterday.  I'm sure the poor child has lost some weight, which he really didn't need to do.  He finally got a cup of milk this morning and was thrilled.  Over the past few days all he has been allowed to drink was water, tea and sprite.  And he was tired of all three by Saturday evening.  But I wasn't about to clean up milk puke again if I didn't have to.  Anyway, Zoey is doing well too.  She is just bored.  She wasn't feeling as bad but since she had been exposed to the germs she had to stick around with us all weekend too.  Both of the kids hate taking their medicine.  Although Zoey will do it and get it over with, Jon Kent will start crying and whining as soon as he sees me shaking the medicine bottle up.  But the last few times he has done better.  We only have about 6 or 7 more days with it.  Both kids have dentist appointments tomorrow which their doctor said they would be fine to go to.  It will be Jon Kent's 3rd or 4th time going and Zoey's first.  Also this week the kids are getting their hair cut.  It will be Zoey's first time at that as well.  So we have a lot to do so I'm really glad the kids are doing so much better!

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serenity459 said...

Glad to hear the kids are doing better!!
Dentist appointments and haircuts..... thank goodness they are feeling better!!