Thursday, December 6, 2007

I need to clean my nose out

Physically I'm not tired.  I feel fine, physically.  But mentally I'm tired and drained.  It's just been an overall busy week.  Yesterday was the first day that I didn't have something going on for most of the day.  But the kids and I ended up staying outside a lot yesterday.  It was a pretty day and I knew that starting today it would be cold.  So anyway, I hiked and climbed hills and sat and talked about what the clouds looked like.  Then today..  I can sum up the day so far with one word- Puke.  Jon Kent's milked curd puke to be exact.  *gags*  I got up this morning after getting the kids' orders for breakfast.  "Waffles" they say.  So off to cook waffles.  I'm getting Jon Kent up and out of bed and feel his head.  He feels a little hot so I take him temp and it was 100.  OK, he has that fever virus that Zoey had over the weekend.  No biggie.  So we sit down to eat and while I have a bite of waffle in my own mouth, Jon Kent coughs and then proceeds to puke not once or twice but at least four times.  It's all over him, in his hands (where he tried to catch it), all over his chair, in the floor.  So I clean him up and his surrounding as good as I could for the moment then strip him down and give him a bath.  I get him out of the bath and he is shaking and crying because he is cold.  I quickly get some new and clean PJs on him and he gets in my bed to watch cartoons and rest.  He also gets some meds for his fever.  He laid in bed for about 2 hours before announcing that he was hungry.  So I made him a turkey sandwich and he ate about 3 or 4 bites of it.  He has been drinking well all day so I'm not worried about that too much.  He laid down for an actual nap but only slept about 20 minutes before waking up crying and hot again.  Telling me he didn't feel good.  He then start to dry heave and threw up a little into my hand.  Mostly just flem.  He has been on the couch most of the day but did announce that he wanted to do "school".  So we did a page in his workbook and then he colored for a little bit.  But soon it was back to my bed to watch a movie with Zoey.  Now he is back on the couch and I just gave him another dose of Tylenol for his fever.  I feel so bad for him and I know he hates just sitting around.  And Zoey is about to drive all of us crazy.  She can't seem to be quiet and constantly wants attention.  She can't stand the fact that Jon Kent is being petted and snuggled and she can't have it all too.  She doesn't like the fact that Jon Kent gets to take medicine and she doesn't.  She threw a fit earlier this afternoon because I gave her a piece of turkey and she said she didn't want it so I ate it and she cried because "she wanted some."  She didn't take a long nap so I know that will hit her hard around 6pm or so.  Right about the time I am finishing up supper or cleaning up from supper.  And to top all this off, I want Kent to be home and he is at work.  And I HATE the fact that I feel like I need him so much.  As soon as I got Jon Kent in the bath I'm calling Kent.  It drives me crazy that I feel like I need him so much.  I knew exactly what to do and was doing it so why feel the need to call him?  Who knows.. maybe I just needed to talk to someone else and talk my own way through it.  I don't know.  I just know I'm drained now and it's not even evening yet.  I'm also soooo emotional and moody.  Pregnancy hormones I guess.. but it sucks.  At least my house doesn't smell like puke.. or maybe it does and I'm just used to the smell by now.  I do know I've become close friends with my bleach today and have the rough hands to prove it.  I did manage to get all the washing done and get the house in reasonable (puke free) order.  Oh well.. enough of my whining.  I need to get back to my sick baby.

PS:  Is it bad that it's almost 3pm and we are all still in our PJs?

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serenity459 said...

I hope Jon Kent feels better really soon.
Nothing wrong with staying in your pjs.  I think everyone has 'pj days' where they stay in their pjs all day.
Love and Hugs,