Monday, December 15, 2003

In square one I stand

Well, I went for an ultrasound this morning. Found out my uterus was tilted backwards (whatever that means), the nurse said that wasn't anything to worry about. Well, we get in there and the lady is doing her thing and when she is done I go see my doctor. He tells me the one thing I never ever ever wanted to hear again..."You've miscarried." So, I cry and cry and cry. The doctor sets up a D&C for 1:30 pm. So we get there and my D&C is done and I come home and sleep. I honestly wish I could just sleep right through Christmas. My doctor though was really great. He was compassionate and he even called my house tonight to check up on me. He gave Kent his cell # just in case we need him. Which I thought was really nice. The surgery, I think, went better this time then the last. I am not bleeding near as much and I am in no pain. I go Monday for a check up. Then in January the doctor wants to start running tests to see why in the world this is happening to me.....again. Well, that is all. I'm hopefully going back to sleep...maybe I'll wake up around 10ish in the morning on Dec. 26th.


onfiresis said...

Emily I don't know what to say to you. I'm so sorry hon. Remember God is in control. He knows every last bit of what He's doing. Trust Him! I love you and I'm here for you hon. *BIG HUGS*

solarlune said...

I am so sorry. {{{{Emily}}}} You're in my prayers. :*(